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The term "inhalants" refers to over a thousand household and commercial products that are intentionally misused by sniffing, bagging or "huffing" (inhaling through the mouth) to get high. These products are legal and serve useful purposes in our society. But when misused, they can cause permanent physical and mental damage even death. Retailers can play a part in stemming the tide of inhalant use by learning about the problem. Educate yourself about your state laws and learn how to protect your store, property and the youth in your community.


Monitor the sale of harmful products to young people and refuse to sell unusual quantities of abusable substances without parental consent. Question young people who buy several containers at a time of glue, rubber cement, spray paint, air freshener, cooking spray, whipping cream cans or other inhalable products
Watch for minors that regularly buy inhalable products. Note any unusual consumption of certain products, particularly on weekends, and decline to sell the products if you have reason to believe they are being abused.
Shoplifting inhalants is a common practice. Keep track of missing products to know if you have sniffers regularly stealing from your store.
Consider placing abusable products where they can be monitored by store employees.
Know your state laws regarding the sale of inhalants to minors.
Display warning signs regarding the products and/or prevention posters in a visible area near the register.
Educate your employees, especially at point of sale.
Talk to the young people in your life about inhalants and let them know the dire consequences of abusing these poisonous chemicals.
Share this information with retailers in your area and see what actions can be taken as a group.
If someone is found huffing on your property, remain calm and do not try to aggravate the user. Inhalant users can experience hallucinations or increased aggression. Also, sudden scares or stress can increase the chance of Sudden Sniffing Death.

For more information, see Products Abused as Inhalants.