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dot What is National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week (NIPAW)?

dot What is inhalant use?

dot How can inhalant use be prevented?

dot What can you do if someone you know is huffing?

dot Why are inhalants being used?

dot What products are used as inhalants?

dot What chemicals are commonly found in inhalants?

dot How many people abuse inhalants?
National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
National Monitoring the Future Survey

dot What are common signs of an inhalant user?

dot What kind of damage do inhalants do to the body and brain?

dot What are potential long-term effects for chronic inhalant users?

dot What are signs and symptoms of long-term effects?

dot What are characteristics of users?

dot What and how much should teachers or parents say to youth about inhalant use?

dot How can I contact NIPC or subscribe to the NIPC mailing list?

dot What other drug prevention organizations are on the Web?

dot Who do I call with questions regarding poisons?

dot What do physicians need to know about inhalant use?

dotNational Survey on Drug Abuse and Health

dotMonitoring the Future