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inhalant abuse info
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alert It's Helium ... AGAIN alert

NIPC UPDATE ALERT:  Helium ... It's not a TV Gag Line;

Press Release: Inhaling Helium Seems Like Fun Until Someone Dies

Please NOTE that the email address for NIPC has CHANGED to:

Contact NIPC at: (423) 902-9266

inhalant abuse info

NIPC is funded in part by Government Agencies. The remainder of our funding comes from support from individuals and organizations who utilize NIPC resources. If you would like to assist NIPC in continuing and expanding inhalant abuse prevention and awareness education by making a contribution, please contact NIPC at 423-902-9266. If you would like to be on the NIPC mailing list, call or e-mail NIPC with your name, address, organization, phone and e-mail address.



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Types of Inhalant abuse, huffing, sniffing, snorting inhalants include:

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